Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Favourite Novels.

I'm done reading these two novels and I think this novels are really AWESOME ! 

 Azzam played a great role of brother to three sisters and a dutiful son. His father was died when he is in first year been in Cairo for continuing his study, his father leaving him all the responsibilities to take care of his mother and sisters. The first volume continues with Azzam's life story surrounded by his Indonesian friends until he completed his degree in Cairo and decided to come back home for good. Volume 2 served the love story between Azzam and Anna. Azzam loves Anna and Anna also feel the same towards Azzam. They both keep these unique feeling them self without telling others. They don't even know or realize that the other part is actually having the same feeling. Moreover, the circumstances that lay infront seemed to deny their destiny to get along together. This second volume continues with Azzam 's and Anna's love stories and how their handle every conjecture towards their love. This book teach us how to be in love in a right way according to Islam speaks. 

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